In love with Oliver and S

I'm without camera right now, which is a shame because crafting and sewing has been going strong here. I finally decided to use my phone to take some pictures of my most recent creation... but I'll have to take more pictures when I have a better camera.
I just finished my second Oliver and S Ice Cream Dress. Both dresses are 6m. I finished the green one last August and the yellow one just tonight. Perfect.
The pattern was wonderful to follow. There were some new things in it, since I'm not really a garment sewer, but it all came together nicely. I love the detail these patterns give to the final product.
The little "v" in the pocket and neck gives it something extra. It's details like this I don't see in the patterns from the larger companies.
I enjoy the yoke on the pattern- how it attaches to the dress to make the sleeve. Plus, the pattern leaves almost no raw edges showing- meaning the inside is almost as pretty as the outside.
The yellow dress was fun- it's covered with bunnies and geese and cats. As I got close to the end and was selecting a button for the back, husband suggested a bright red button. This led to stitching a bright red line along the pocket and bottom panel.
I love how it turned out- and now I can plan ahead for it in future dresses and I can give it a cleaner crisper look. Here's the button on the back:
(Because it came from my phone, I'm having trouble turning it, but the idea is there)

Two pretty dresses for baby. Just a few (five!) more weeks until I get to meet her.

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  1. SO cute! How can I get my hands on this pattern? You have been busy! Great job.