Spring Time

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail.
-Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins

Thanks to Purl Bee for some spring time crafting...spring time bunnies
 Hey little hoppers! Sweet whiskers! Wait... what's that... you have...
Even crafted bunnies like some time in the grass.
Ahhh, they like each other. I better be careful... or soon I'll have more bunnies.
These are going to be a project for the after school craft club. Plenty of silly bunners coming soon.


Nothing more wonderful than a gift

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.  ~Martin Luther

Today I handed off a labor of joy to some good good friends. A quilt as a wedding present- something I always hoped to do, and I finally have done it! And it felt great!
Based entirely off the wedding (invites, ceremony, dresses, flowers) I managed to get it to them only nine months after their wedding. But hey, I'm new at this quilting thing, so I get to take that long to finish something.
Here it is, just the quilt top pieces, partly sewn and pre quilting and such:
Can you see the embroidery hoop in the lower right corner? That's because I embroidered flower traced from the into 8 squares:

Husband designed a square for their names and wedding date:
And the back matched the color of the bridesmaid dresses, with some leftover blocks thrown in:
All pictures were taken post washing- so the crinkly goodness shows extreme. I free motion quilted this sucker, which was a first for such a large project. And it was fun! Really fun! I know there are lots of mistakes, but none that take away from the overall awesome-ness of the project.
Finally- the binding. I found the perfect striped binding online and couldn't get over the cute factor:
Not a great picture to show off the true cuteness of the binding. Just the same, I stand by my statement of cuteness.

Handing this off to our friends was the MOST fun I have ever had giving a gift. There is nothing like a quilt. NOTHING! So fun to make, so fun to give, so fun to use. Nothin' better.


Fabric Love

I've discovered a line of fabric I MUST own all of. This has never happend to me before. But I must own this. I'm so worried I won't get my hands on every last piece of it before it disapears off the shelves.

Prospect Park by Kitty Yoshida. Oh sweet fabric, you will be mine.