Pictures of crazy nine patch quilt

My camera has been found! Right in the drawer where it's supposed to be!
Here are some pictures from my quilt class at Moder Domestic. The class was taught by Elizabeth of oh Fransson!
The view from the front:

I think the bottom one shows the texture of the quilt better- washing it really gave it the crinkled look. 
I'm very proud of the free motion quilting- I did a circle pattern. I'm hooked on free motion quilting! I can't wait to try more!
I also did a hand sewn binding. I learned so much in this class!
We even did a pattern on the back-
I'll say it! I love this quilt!! I'm so proud of it!!



I just made my first online fabric purchase from Pink Chalk Fabrics! They are having a monster sale, and I looked a little here and a little there and I found WAY too much fun fabric. I'm interested to see how the translation from computer screen to in my hands goes... will it meet my hopes and dreams? I'm sure it will....
Oh fabric, how fun you are.
Check out some of the choices:


Crazy Nine Patch

Another quilt finished! YEAH! Thanks to the class at Modern Domestic I had a chance to learn more quilting from Elizabeth of oh Fransson!
Until I find the camera... no pictures. But it should be noted that on this quilt I did free motion quilting and binding for the first time. Plus, under Elizabeth's direction I got a feel for making a quality quilt sandwich. (Almost makes me hungry, just thinking about my sandwich!) A thanks to my husband, who joined me on the hardwood floor as I taped and stretched and pinned all the layers together.
In the meantime, the picture for the class is here: Crazy Nine Patch

A nod to the cat... a constant craft room companion

This character will probably be frequent in my crafting stories... here Tesla helps with her first quilt.
and more help...

A try on my own

 During Sew Mama Sew's  Handmade Holidays I spotted a quilt that looked like something I could handle on my own, after my one quilt class. It was through Modern Organic Fabrics. I decided to make it for a teacher who was expecting a little girl. Pink, green, and ladybugs were the theme of the shower... so I went with it. I was really guessing on the sandwiching and the quilting. But I had fun.

First Quilt

Thanks to a class at Cool Cottons  I got a chance to take my first quilt class. I had plenty to learn and had a great time learning some piecing. The mystery of the quilting square was revealed- who knew cutting 90 degrees could be so straight forward! The rotary cutter became my friend. A nice introduction to quilting.

We were taught a hand quilting stitch at the end of the class- I have some of it quilted. I found the hand quilting was not my favorite thing.


I read a tutorial here, and I find a project there and soon I'm in over my head. But occasionally I learn something and sometimes I finish. And here I will record it.