for baby

I've finally started some baby sewing. The list of what I want to do keeps growing so fast, I had trouble getting started. I finally found a bib template I liked online. Most tutorials just tell a person to trace a bib they already like... but I don't have a bib I like...so I was happy to find a nice looking template. Plus, it came in two sizes, so I can jump in with two sizes of bibs.
And the result:
 So cute. So freakin' cute I can't stand it. It's made from a fat quarter of a Japanese fabric I couldn't resist ages ago. Pair with some Kona solid scraps and black bias tape... and pure wonderful happened. I just need to add snaps or hook and loop tape.
Oh, a close up on Mr. Mousers:
Plus, you can see the fabric- mice and cheese. I mean, perfection, right?
The mouse is from the book Rainbow of Stitches


Pretty Summer Table

And it is summer, glorious, deep-toned summer,
The very crown of nature's changing year
When all her surging life is at its full.

Summer by Amy Lowell

There a trillions of projects on my wish list, but our new deck needed pretty summer dressings. Bright, light, and summer. I followed the Bolt Neighborhood tutorial, and really this could be a table cloth or a summer picnic blanket. 

I need to take some pictures when the deck comes out of the shade, so it shows off how bright and pretty it is. I used some fat quarter bundle I found at Jo Ann's- it caught my eye and matched the blue solid I had already fallen in love with. The only place I really differed from the tutorial is that I opted to machine quilt instead of tie. 

Of course, my summer table needs more color than that, so a few purl bee citrus coasters and some gorgeous flowers from my mother-in-law (to celebrate husband and my 2nd anniversary) and I think we have the perfect summer table. 



Summer, sweet Summer

Summer started for me- and with it, crafting time.
I've started a quilt (based on the pattern "Fenced In" in Elizabeth Hartman's book).
I'm just about done with a summer time table cloth (based on this tutorial from Bolt Neighborhood... pictures to come).
But true summer crafting has come in the form of felt and coasters. These bright colors bring out the summer in me, which is great, since summer has taken it's time coming here.

Having something to keep my hands busy and to make me feel productive and crafty has been fantastic. Thank you, once again, to purl bee for the inspiration and the tutorial. So many pictures and posts to come of the projects that are all starting. Sweet summer.