Two fierce cats.

Emily- this post is just for you. No words needed.


So Ducking Cute

Embroidery from my time down with the knee injury. Turns out, there are trillions (or a few) vintage transfers that sweet nice bloggers have posted online and are free for use. As much as I love some of my more "modern" themes in my books... sometimes the classics are just too much fun.
Like these ducks:

I love these little ducks and their little love story. 
But, if these ducks seem a little kitchy, just wait until you see the kitty--

Holy lazy daisy stitch.

These are both on dish towels. Here they are in all their cuteness:

I think I can only have one out on display at a time. Both might be over the top cute-ness.


A Move to the Sun

I've moved outside! And the cat came with me:

She curled up under my chair for a bit to eat some grass. Hours of begging to be outside... and she spends her time eating grass.
What's that on my lap desk?
 A nest that was tucked in the roses. The birds have long since left the nest, we got to see them when they were just open beaks and some beady eyes- now they are off flying in the trees.
Trees?-- Check out my view from my new chair-
My toes are so happy to be soaking up some rays. I'm so happy to be out of the house. I think this is an important part of my recovery. I know a few people that expressed sympathy that I couldn't do my surgery in the winter when "There is nothing to do". But... it's hard to imagine recovery on dark, stormy days. I love a sunny day, laying in the sun, reading my books, perhaps a little crafting...
(I KNOW- adorable! I found this vintage embroidery pattern online and printed and made an iron transfer. SO kitchy, but I couldn't resist. Look how the boy duck likes the girl duck. QUACK!)

And I can think of no better excuse than knee surgery to be ignoring laundry, gutter cleaning, yard work, dishes.... of course, while I ignore it, my husband has to deal with it-
But I make a good cheerleader/boss/backseat driver.
We did have to put Tesla back in the house, as she was getting too adventurous with her exploring. S had to chase her down- see her tail? She came to hide by me, but alas, I am not a place of sanctuary.

A little sun does a lot to help a girl's spirit. I'm happy to be outside.