Brought to you by one Sweet Husband

"Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were—
and Peter."
-Beatrix Potter

The nursery walls are coming together. And by coming together, I mean...almost done!!Husband worked the last few weeks to paint and spent most this weekend on the mural. I've been overwhelming him with Beatrix Potter art, and he took the idea and ran with it. So wonderful. We were assisted with some wall decals, but Husband did such an amazing job, it's hard to tell what is a decal and what is his pure talent. 

We'll be putting some molding in right below the mural and then around the room (it's about three feet up from the floor and breaks our tan/cream color from the sky blue). Then we'll get the closet in order (it needs shelves). We have a crib to put together (thank you to some generous friends for donating their crib to us). We have a changing table to get and hopefully a super comfy glider chair. I have some wall art I want to get up. We have french doors to buy and put in. I made some super cute curtains that will go in this week. I have the fabric for the perfect little quilt. And finally, I have plans to make a braided rag rug, to finish off the vintage, country feel of the room. That's not so much... right? We can have that ready in 15 weeks....