Month by Month

Finding time to craft since my daughter joined the word has not been easy. The couple of projects I have done are for her. I've started an outfit tradition- showing off how old she is. Right now I'm going month by month, but have we get to one year I plan on doing this year by year.
Here is month one. I cut out felt and hand sewed it on to a onsie we already had. It gave it a nice bold look.

Here is month two:

With Valentine's day coming up, I couldn't resist the theme. Again, this is felt. I embroidered on to it and then hand sewed it on to a onsie. Baby is laying on a bit more of my Valentine's day crafting. The mat is not quite finished, but I'll have some pictures of it in time for the day o' love. It's been great to create. It all comes at the expense of chores that don't get done. Sometimes, though, the chores are not important and creativity takes precedence. I'm doing a lot of hand sewing, so I can stay close to my little gal. All it all, it's a pretty nice gig.