Square Foot Gardening: The Corn is as High as and Elephant's Eye!

Here, in the deep of summer, this garden looks so different than last February. The hot crops are moving fast. We have corn! Tall and wonderful. 

It just grew so fast that my tomatoes are having trouble getting their fair share of light. Note of next year- plant the onions in front of the tomatoes. They stay little for so long.
In between the corn, green beans are coming in and onions are slowly being picked. I threw in some more carrot and beet seeds where I pulled out other things. I also started the cucumber up the trellis where once the peas stood strong.
I've always avoided cucumbers and other vine things- I don't want them taking over precious space- but when I discovered I could trellis them?? Well... now we are on to something. Grow UP not OUT when square foot gardening is the game. 
Today's harvest had green beans, one cucumber, and an onion. Fingers crossed I time my out of town time so I can enjoy corn and tomatoes on my return. 
And, when you find yourself without a baby teething toy, any beet will do
Or green bean, as the situation calls for
Pinkies up! We are very fancy at our garden. 

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