Square Foot Gardening: In anticipation of greater things

Today, I built a trellis. Because, one day the little early pea sprouts will be looking for a place to climb. We have a yard full of bamboo, since our neighbor planted a running bamboo, and we are constantly cutting it back. That leaves us with more than enough for yearly projects.
 I started with some fresh cut bamboo and some wire caging left over from a project involving rock and concrete. The bamboo needed a bit of a hair cut.
Regular loppers did the trick and I took all the extra limbs off the bamboo stalk. Bamboo is a lot less overwhelming after a trim- kind of the way a fluffy kitty looks after it's thrown in a pool of water.

 I actually wove the bamboo through the wire caging, Over/Under, then I lashed it to the perimeter with kite string
I made a frame around the top and two sides. I didn't even lash the sides, except at the top where the joint between the two pieces of bamboo.
 I also wove some of the thinner bamboo through in a diagonal pattern. You can see that the sides go down an extra 18 inches (ish) so it can be put in the garden. Ta-Da! It's pretty sweet.
 The real fun was transporting it. It wasn't heavy, but it was large. 7 feet across.  You can see the hot-pink string that tied it to the mirrors. My husband was the grandmaster behind this plan. We also had only about a mile to drive.
 Ready to put it in the garden~ we could hardly wait. When did I become such a garden nerd?

Yes! It's lovely!! And just what I hoped for. The little peas at the base are just barely ready to reach it, but hopefully with some warm weather we'll see those lovely veggies climbing to the top.
And we had our first harvest! The best part about radishes is how fast they grow....

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