Pretty Summer Table

And it is summer, glorious, deep-toned summer,
The very crown of nature's changing year
When all her surging life is at its full.

Summer by Amy Lowell

There a trillions of projects on my wish list, but our new deck needed pretty summer dressings. Bright, light, and summer. I followed the Bolt Neighborhood tutorial, and really this could be a table cloth or a summer picnic blanket. 

I need to take some pictures when the deck comes out of the shade, so it shows off how bright and pretty it is. I used some fat quarter bundle I found at Jo Ann's- it caught my eye and matched the blue solid I had already fallen in love with. The only place I really differed from the tutorial is that I opted to machine quilt instead of tie. 

Of course, my summer table needs more color than that, so a few purl bee citrus coasters and some gorgeous flowers from my mother-in-law (to celebrate husband and my 2nd anniversary) and I think we have the perfect summer table. 


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