A new tradition

Sufganiyot are widely consumed in Israel in the weeks leading up to and including the Hanukkah holiday. At Hanukkah, Jews observe the custom of eating fried foods in commemoration of the miracle associated with the Temple oil.

My first soofganiyot (or sufganiyot, if you prefer).

Oh fried goodness. Oh delicious little sugared things.  Some with jelly, some without. These have officially become a holiday tradition in the Chandler house. Husband and I are having fun figuring out what the holiday season will mean to us and to the family we hope to have some day.
I used the recipe in 1,000 Jewish Recipes by Faye Levy.
 Hot and fresh- I've perfected the oil temperature.

A team effort in the house- frying and sugaring. A pleasant day in the busy month of December. Happy Hanukkah.

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